Posted by: Jennifer | February 23, 2008

Taming Clint Westmoreland – Brenda Jackson

Jackson, Brenda. Taming Clint Westmoreland. (New York: Silhouette, 2008). ISBN – 9780373768509. Silhouette Desire #1850, February 2008.

Main Characters: Clint Westmoreland and Alyssa Barkley

Related Works: This is part of series about the Westmoreland siblings. The books in this series include the following: Delaney’s Desert Sheikh (Delany Westmoreland’s story, November 2002), A Little Dare (Dare Westmoreland’s story, September 2003), Thorn’s Challenge (Thorn Westmoreland’s story, December 2003), Stone Cold Surrender (Stone Westmoreland’s story, August 2004), Riding the Storm (Storm Westmoreland’s story, December 2004), Jared’s Counterfeit Fiancee (Jared Westmoreland’s story, May 2005), The Chase is On (Chase Westmoreland’s story, December 2005), The Durango Affair(Durango Westmoreland’s story, May 2006), Ian’s Ultimate Gamble (Ian Westmoreland’s story, August 2006), Seduction, Westmoreland Style (Casey Westmoreland’s story, February 2007), Spencer’s Forbidden Passion (Spencer Westmoreland’s story, December 2007) and Taming Clint Westmoreland (Clint Westmoreland’s story, February 2008).

Description from book:

In name only?

The moment ex-Texas Ranger Clint Westmoreland learned he was still married, he set the limits for his wife’s stay at luxurious horse ranch. But when she arrived, Clint’s boundaries began to blur. He and Alyssa Barkley had thirty days to untangle the legal knot that had bound them together during an undercover assignment years before. But this sexy, curvaceous Alyssa was different from the mousy, awestruck rookie agent he remembered. And now her every move had him wondering what it would be like if he really were her man . . .

My Thoughts:

I thought that the premise of this story was a bit different. Clint and Alyssa had gotten married years before as part of an undercover operation for the Texas Rangers. Their marriage had not, however, been annulled after the mission was over. This story starts with Alyssa coming to Clint’s ranch to discuss the situation and the dissolution of their marriage. Unfortunately, the local judge would not grant them an immediate dissolution. They were required to live together for thirty days before the judge would grant an annulment. Of course, while living in the same house, Clint and Alyssa got to know each other, became important to each other and learned to love each other.

This was a good story. I liked both Clint and Alyssa. They had a great, happy relationship. This story was quite fun to read!

Read first February 2008



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