Posted by: Jennifer | January 19, 2008

Naughty Girl – J.W. McKenna

McKenna, J.W. Naughty Girl.(Hudson, OH: Ellora’s Cave, 2004). ISBN – 1419950894.

Main Characters: Carl Harman and Diedra Newman

Description from book:

When Carl Harman rescued the shy and enigmatic Diedra Newman from her drunken date one evening, he never imagined the secret she held would change his life. DeeDee, as it turned out, was a sexual submissive in search of a new master – and Carl, though inexperienced, fit the bill nicely. He enjoyed playing their little games and learning about DeeDee’s life with her previous owner. But when her past suddenly catches up with her, Carl finds himself thrust into the netherworld of BDSM clubs and slave training facilities. To save DeeDee, he will have to go up against professionals – a tough Master who has vowed to train and sell DeeDee and a cruel Mistress, who thinks Carl will make a perfect addition to her harem.

My Thoughts:

In this book, DeeDee is out with her current Master – a rather drunken and obnoxious guy. When the obnoxious dude starts to get abusive with DeeDee, Carl steps in and rescues DeeDee. Carl is taken with DeeDee and is interested in getting to know her better. Before things get out of control, DeeDee tells Carl about her submissive nature. He is intrigued and wants to know more. Specifically, he makes DeeDee tell him about her relationship with Master Stephen – in graphic detail.

I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the book. I thought things took a turn when DeeDee was kidnapped by an old friend of Master Stephen. This old friend had promised to look out for DeeDee if something happened to Master Stephen. Since Stephen had died, the friend seemed to believe he was fulfilling his obligations by kidnapping DeeDee. I admit that I really didn’t read this part of the book closely. I read enough to make sure that Carl was able to save DeeDee from Turk, but that is about all.

Read first January 2008.



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