Posted by: Jennifer | January 19, 2008

A Seduction In Scarlet – Sara Bennett

Bennett, Sara. A Seduction in Scarlet. (New York: Avon, 2008). ISBN -9780061336348.

Main Characters: Lady Portia Ellerslie and Marcus Worthorne

Related Works: This books is related to Sara Bennett’s Greentree Sisters Trilogy. The Greentree Sisters Trilogy include Lessons in Seduction (story of Vivianna Greentree and Lord Oliver Montgomery), Rules of Passion (story of Marietta Greentree and Max Valland) and Mistress of Scandal (story of Francesca Greentree and Lord Sebastian Worthorne). In these books, the three daughters of the infamous courtesan, Madame Aphrodite, find true love. Marcus Worthorne is Sebastian’s brother. Portia and Marcus meet at Aphrodite’s club.

Description from book:

One wicked night . . .

Lady Portia Ellerslie, dearest confidante to Queen Victoria and a woman of impeccable breeding, normally wouldn’t dream of dallying in Aphrodite’s Club, London’s most exclusive and erotic bordello. But one of a wild encounter in the notorious hothouse. Donning a daring, dangerously low-cut scarlet dress and a veil to mask her identity, she arrives at the club ready to succumb to the torrid desires raging inside her . . . and is shocked to find herself gazing into the eyes of Marcus Worthorne, the man she swooned over at seventeen.

Could lead to a lifetime of ecstasy . . .

Back then, Marcus barely knew she was alive, but now he’s about to make her most wanton fantasies come true. Portia’s proper life is about to change forever . . . because for Marcus one night with the lady in red could never be enough.

My Thoughts:

It took me a while to get into this book. I kept getting distracted and found it difficult to get back into this book. I guess that I found the restrictions that Portia lived under as the widow of a revered war hero a tad bit irritating. Her relatives, her stepdaughter Lara and son-in-law Arnold, were more than irritating. Fortunately, they were not always around. Despite the distractions of Portia’s relatives and Queen Victoria, I eventually came to enjoy Portia and Marcus’ relationship. I will admit that I thought the best part of the book was after Marcus kidnapped Portia and brought her to his home, Duval Hall.

This wasn’t my favorite Sara Bennett novel, but it was worth the read. I’m glad that I was able to persevere and finish this book.

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