Posted by: Jennifer | January 18, 2008

I’ve Got The Reading Blues

Currently, I am reading four different books (My True Love by Cheryl Holt, Surrenderby Vonna Harper, The Wicked Ways of a Dukeby Laura Lee Guhrke and A Seduction in Scandalby Sara Bennett) and am having a tough time finishing any of them. Having this many open books is something that is a huge anomaly for me. I’m fairly fastidious about not starting a book until I’m finished with one. I find it too distracting to go back and forth and back and forth. But, everytime I sit down to read a book, I find myself loosing interest. Part of this is because I’m not entirely enjoying a couple of the aforementioned books as much as I would like. I can admit that the others are not grabbing my attention either. At this point, I’m forcing myself not to start another book.

I absolutely hate it when I’m in this sort of slump. I want to read. I have stacks of unread books waiting their turn. This will be my last free weekend before school starts again (for my last semester of my master’s program), and I want nothing more than to curl up with good books and read the long weekend away. Maybe I should pull out my DVD collection and immerse myself in some of my favorite tv shows and/or movies. Maybe that will help pull me out of my slump!


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