Posted by: Jennifer | January 15, 2008

I’m Clean! How About You?

I’ve been a fan of traditional romance for quite some time. I’ve always been partial to historical fiction where pregnancy is usually the worst thing that can result from unprotected sex. However, I’ve recently become quite a fan of erotic romance. I’ve been chuckling a bit of late at something that seems to be coming up more and more in erotic fiction (and no, I don’t mean that!). I’m talking about the whole “I’ve-been-to-my-doctor-recently-and-I’m-totally-clean.-How-about-you?” discussion that the main characters seem to have right before they get down to business for the first time – usually so that they don’t have to use a condom. Obviously contraception and disease prevention are hugely important topics – ones that cannot be avoided. Despite this, the contraception/disease discussions seem to take away from the intimacy of the moment. I mean this is fantasy, right? And, this new “I-get-checked-regularly-and-I’m-clean.-Can-we-skip-the-condom?” routine is definitely disruptive. I’m not sure that many would think this is a wise discussion to have in real life with people we may or may not have known for long.

Anyway, I find it very difficult to suspend my disbelief, and thus, the mood is usually broken. More often than not, this conversation makes me laugh at its absurdity. I’m not necessarily trying to knock the authors that do this. A part of me wishes that this subject could just be avoided. However, the topic itself is critically important and should not be just ignored. Everyone needs to be aware – even characters in works of fiction. I just find it all a little weird!


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