Posted by: Jennifer | January 3, 2008

Trilby – Diana Palmer

Palmer, Diana. Trilby. (New York: HQN, 1992). ISBN – 9780373772261.

Main Characters: Trilby Lang and Thorn Vance

Description from book:

Arizona, 1910

Dear Diary,

It will take more than threats – and one overbearing rancher – to drive me away from my rightful property . . .

When I inherited this isolated land near the Mexican border, I knew running it would difficult and dangerous – very different from my privileged life in Louisiana, where I was the genteel Miss Trilby Lang. But I certainly didn’t expect that my neighbor, Thorn Vance, would be challenging me at every turn. Or that his brusque, ruggedly appealing ways would prove a dangerous temptation that I’m finding harder and harder to resist. Now, with trouble sweeping the territory, I need his help. But how much will I risk putting myself in the hands of a man who’s used to getting exactly what he wants?

My Thoughts:

Trilby Long isn’t particularly happy to be living in Arizona. She has been uprooted from her friends and her life in Louisiana. She is living close to some serious unrest near the Mexican border. And, she doesn’t really care for the omnipresent yellow dust. Additionally, her neighbor, Thorn Vance, doesn’t really like her too much. When he accuses her of having an affair with his cousin Curt, Trilby is amazed. Fortunately, she give Thorn a piece of her mind – and immediately tells her parents. Thorn quickly learns that he was mistaken – and his attitude towards Trilby undergoes a dramatic change.

Thorn starts pursuing Trilby. Soon, they are married. However, their problems continue to grow. Both have extreme difficulty trusting each other and communicating reasonably with each other.  Thorn believes that his wife is in love with a man from back home in Louisiana. And, Trilby is confused by Thorn’s distant attitude towards her and their marriage. It isn’t until Trilby decides to leave and gets involved in the Mexican conflict that Thorn realizes how important she is to him.

I am a huge fan of Diana Palmer. I have read this book several times and expect to read it again. But, it isn’t one of my favorites. I get a bit annoyed at both Trilby and Thorn because they take SO long to work out their issues. Fortunately, it all works out in the end, but boy, is it a painful journey at times.

Read again on January 2, 2008



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