Posted by: Jennifer | December 31, 2007

Roundup for December 2007

Books I have read

  1. The Naked Duke – Sally MacKenzie
  2. Bound to Ecstasy – includes Restraint by Vonna Harper, Mirrors within Mirrors by P.F. Kozak and Fit to Be Tied by Lisa G. Riley
  3. The Earl of Her Dreams – Anne Mallory
  4. Blackthorne’s Bride – Shana Galen
  5. Everything Forbidden – Jess Michaels
  6. Lord Ryburn’s Apprentice – Laurie Bishop
  7. Night Fire – Vonna Harper
  8. He’s on Top – Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
  9. Beyond the Dark – includes Dragon Dance by Angela Knight, Caught by the Tides by Diane Whiteside, Queen of All She Surveys by Emma Holly and In a Wolf’s Embrace by Lora Leigh
  10. Tempting the Beast – Lora Leigh (read again)
  11. The Man Within – Lora Leigh (read again)
  12. Kiss of Heat – Lora Leigh (read again)
  13. Jacob’s Faith – Lora Leigh (read again)
  14. Dragon Prime – Lora Leigh
  15. Menage a Magick – Lora Leigh
  16. Nyssa’s Guardian – Reese Gabriel
  17. Bound to Trust – Jaci Burton
  18. Power Exchange – Madeleine Oh
  19. Ellora’s Cavemen: Tales from the Temple I – includes Doreen DeSalvo
  20. Elemental Desires – includes Wynd Temptress by Katherine Anne Dubois, Rayne Dance by Mlyn Hurn and Fyre Brand by Lora Leigh
  21. A Wish, A Kiss and A Dream – includes Djinn’s Wish by Shiloh Walker, Paying Up by Mary Wine and Cowboy & the Thief by Lora Leigh
  22. Soul Deep – Lora Leigh (read again)
  23. Love’s Payback – Elizabeth Lapthorne
  24. B.O.B.’s Fall – Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick
  25. Cops & Cowboys – includes Her Wildest Dreams by Shiloh Walker and Cowboy and the Captive by Lora Leigh
  26. Trouble – Sasha White
  27. Wicked – Sasha White
  28. Shadow Music – Julie Garwood

eBooks I Have Read

  1. Three Is Not a Crowd – Doreen DeSalvo
  2. Dom/sub – includes Dominance by B.D. Dark and Submission by Roxy Harte
  3. The Spy Who Spanked Me – Doreen DeSalvo
  4. Graceful Submission – Melinda Barron
  5. Graceful Mischief – Melinda Barron
  6. Sweet Silence – Melinda Barron
  7. Nothing to Lose – Mechele Armstrong
  8. Risen from Ash – Rachel Bo


  1. I hope you enjoyed Dom/sub (especially submissive since I wrote it LOL) Thank you for reading it!

    Roxy Harte

  2. Hi Roxy,

    I did enjoy submissive very much – more so than Dominant. I did have to go back and look at the file to remind myself a bit – since I read far too much!! 🙂

    Thank you for writing it!!!!

  3. I have a new release coming out from Loose-Id on June 22nd. Since you enjoyed Submissive from Do/sub I though you might be interested in reading. The title is “Control”. I have a blurb on my blog and a pic of the cover:)

    Let me know if you get a chance to read it. I hope you enjoy it!


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