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A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream – Shiloh Walker, Mary Wine, Lora Leigh

Walker, Shiloh, Mary Wine and Lora Leigh. A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream. (Akron, OH: Ellora’s Cave, 2005). ISBN – 1419952323. Includes three short stories: Djinn’s Wish by Shiloh Walker, Paying Up by Mary Wine and Cowboy and the Thief by Lora Leigh.

Description from book:

Djinn’s Wish – Shiloh Walker

When Tamric cose to become Djinn, he never imagined that he would be trapped in service to a magickal mirror for thousands of years, granting one wish to each woman who holds it.

Tam is ready to do anything to obtain his freedom when he meets the human who will make him burn with a hunger he had long ago forgotten and yearn for a love unlike any he has ever imagined.

For her he will give up his freedom, his dreams, his everything. Just to see her joy – before he disappears from her life forever.

Paying Up – Mary Wine

Christina Faulkner made a bet and now she owed him a kiss. If she’s lucky, he’s forgotten all about it. Shane Jacobs didn’t just want the bet paid. He wanted a whole lot more.

But once passion touches it targets, desire transforms simple contact into mesmerizing obsession.

And Christina is about to discover that Shane hasn’t forgotten her. In fact, he’s coming back to claim what is his. All of it.

Cowboy and the Thief – Lora Leigh

The owner of the ancient Irish Torque will always be an Irish lass. The wearer, the lover of her heart and soul.

It’s Angel Manning’s legacy and has sparked dreams of an unknown lover who would fill her nights with heat, her heart with joy.

But when her father sells the Torque to Jack Riley against her wishes, destiny and fate are put in motion. She’ll get it back if she has to steal it. But Jack catches her, and he’s not giving it up without a fight.

Walker, Shiloh. Djinn’s Wish

Main Characters: Tamric and Kat

My Thoughts:

I had trouble reading this story since I have problems suspending my disbelief for this type of story. The hero, Tamric, is Djinn. One who is trapped in a magickal mirror with the power to grant one wish to the woman who has possession of the mirror. Despite this, I was routing for Tamric and Kat to overcome his curse – and was quite happy with the outcome of the story.

Wine, Mary. Paying Up.

Main Characters: Christina Faulkner and Shane Jacobs

My Thoughts:

This is a great story. Christina Faulkner lives in a small town situated quite near a mysterious and secretive military base. Shane Jacobs is one of the soldiers from the military compound. Christina first met Shane when he rescued her from a violent kidnapping – and shooting. Christina lived with Shane while she recuperated. Christina did return to her family, but she did owe Shane a kiss. Several months later, Shane returns to town to collect his debt – and more.

I was hooked on this story from the beginning. Shane is the epitome of the military, alpha-male hero. In this story, he literally comes to claim Christina – even if he isn’t quite sure that she can live with his secret, military existence. As is often the case, my biggest problem with this story was the length. I was bummed when the story was over – I wish I could have spent more time with both Christina and Shane.

Leigh, Lora. Cowboy and the Thief.

Main Characters: Angel Manning and Jack Riley

My Thoughts:

In this story, Angel Manning breaks into Jack Riley’s house looking for an Irish Torque. Her father sold the torque to Jack despite the fact that Angel believes that it belongs to her. Of course, Jack catches Angel in the act. Rather than turn her into the authorities, he makes her stay with him. There is an intense chemistry between the two – and they cannot stay away from each other. Angel and Jack had quite an adventure together – one orchestrated by a loving father. I loved Jack and Angel. They seemed perfect for each other – although they were not willing to give in to each other without a fight.

Read first in December 2007


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