Posted by: Jennifer | December 12, 2007

Night Fire – Vonna Harper

Harper, Vonna. Night Fire. (New York: Aphrodisia, 2007). ISBN – 9780758222176.

Main Characters: Hayley McKeon and Mazati

Description from book:

From the ashes . . .

It’s always been Hayley McKeon’s secret passion to make it as a jeweler, to take a perfect stone and create a beautiful work of art. Single again and ready for a change, Hayley decides to abandon the ashes of her old life and embrace her dream.

Comes the spark . . .

Strolling along the aisles of a gem show, Hayley is drawn to a stunning display of rare black opals. She is seduced by the smoothness of the stones and by the mesmerizing swirl of color within their depths. Then she meets Mazati, the owner of the opals, and she is shaken by the intense spark of passion she feels for this mysterious man.

Of red-hot desire . . .

The moment Hayley touches Mazati, her body quivers with need. Incredibly aroused, she allows him to run his hands over her body, rake his fingers through her hair, and possess her in a deep, penetrating kiss. Suddenly reality slides away as she imagines the ultimate surrender, bound in place, completely naked, and aching for release . . . a slave to sweet, sexual desire.

My Thoughts:

I literally just finished reading this book – and honestly, I’m not sure what I think about it. Hayley McKeon is a budding jewelry designer who meets the mysterious Mazati at a gem show. The two are immediately drawn to each other – but Mazati is not exactly an average gem salesman. Soon after meeting Mazati, Hayley finds herself transported to some other time where Mazati binds her, teases her and tries to make her his slave. This happens often throughout the entire book. I found this mystical transportation very confusing and hard to follow. In many ways, I think this confusion is part of what the author wants to reader to feel because it really mirrors Hayley’s confusion and struggle to accept the situation. Harper doesn’t reveal who or what Mazati is for quite some time – nor does she reveal exactly why Mazati needs Hayley until later in the story. However, I found it distracting – and at times, I wasn’t entirely sure where the characters were. I do admit that part of my difficulty with certain parts of the story is my own hesitation to accept mystical and paranormal phenomena.

On the positive side, I did really enjoy the characters of Hayley and Mazati. Both have issues from their past that cloud their judgements and actions. They do seem to genuinely need each other. Mazati, for most of the book, was extremely distant and hard to gauge. This does make some sense when his story is revealed – and seems to be the major reason for the conflict between Hayley and Mazati. I’m not so sure that I bought the dominant/master & slave part of their relationship though. I think that when Hayley teaches Mazati about sex with love at the end of the book suits their relationship better.

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