Posted by: Jennifer | December 10, 2007

The Earl of Her Dreams – Anne Mallory

Mallory, Anne. The Earl of Her Dreams. (New York: Avon, 2006). ISBN – 9780060872953.

Main Characters: Kate Simon and Christian Black, Earl of Canley

Description from book:

They could hide their painful pasts and true identities . . .

Facing the choice of flight or a wedding she cannot abide, Kate Simon has chosen to flee. Disguised as a boy, she takes refuge in a roadside inn, and finds herself rooming with intensely secretive Christian Black. Kate is breathless in the presence of this handsome, mysterious rogue whose piercing gaze seems to strip her naked. But neither suspects that a savage storm and a murder will draw them closer together still.

But not the passion in their hearts

Christian dares not let anyone learn of his haunted past – or that he is, in truth, the Earl of Canley – especially not a slip of a girl whose masculine attire cannot disguise the exquisite female form beneath. But now that destiny and a dastardly crime have united them, Christian can no longer contain his desire to taste the nectar of Kate’s sweet kiss. Danger certainly abounds, but the gravest peril might be resisting a once-in-a-lifetime passion that can heal all wounds.

My Thoughts:

In this story, Christian Black is following the trail of a friend’s journal – one which was stolen by a publisher. His journey takes him to the Dragon’s Tale Inn where he ends up sharing a room with Kate Simon  – who is masquerading as Mr. Kaden. Christian, of course, sees through Kate’s disguise immediately. He only plans to be at the Inn for one night, but an unexpected snow storm and a murder delay his departure. Because Christian is looking for the journal, he seizes the opportunity to investigate the murder – and search the rooms of the inn’s guests. Kate works as his assistant. They grow closer as they work together to find the murderer.

This was an interesting work. While there are often conflicts in romance novels, the murder mystery in this story is a significant part of the tale. In fact, the relationship between Kate and Christian seemed almost secondary for much for the book. This isn’t a complaint – just an observation. I enjoyed the book – and enjoyed the murder plot. I did feel as if the murder plot was unraveled quite hastily, and then Kate and Christian had to deal with their family issues. Fortunately, it doesn’t take very long to do so. Overall, this was worth a read.

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