Posted by: Jennifer | December 10, 2007

Lord Ryburn’s Apprentice – Laurie Bishop

Bishop, Laurie. Lord Ryburn’s Apprentice. (New York: Signet, 2006). ISBN – 0451217314.

Main Characters: Georgiana Marland and Hugh, Lord Ryburn

Description from book:

Teacher’s Pet

Abandoned by her mother at a boarding school for young ladies, Georgiana Marland enjoys some god fortune when a distant relative takes her in as a ward – with plans to present her to high society during the forthcoming season. Unaccustomed to the rituals and soirees of the ton, however, Georgiana finds herself in need of instruction – and infatuated with her tutor . . .

Lord Ryburn reluctantly agrees to school his great-aunt’s new ward on how to comport herself in the manner expected of an elegant young lady. But as Georgiana’s lessons progress, Ryburn finds himself intrigued by the radiant intelligence and beauty that shine beneath her awkward exterior – and overcome by feelings he never expected to have . . .

My Thoughts:

This was a cute story – like many Regencies are. I was a bit confused by the title of the book – Lord Ryburn’s Apprentice. Lord Ryburn’s aunt does take Georgiana on as her ward, and Lord Ryburn does help Georgiana with her deportment and dancing. However, I did not get the sense that Georgiana was in any way Lord Ryburn’s apprentice. The two spend time together – mostly with his aunt Lady Estcott. I did enjoy the storyline relating to Georgiana’s mother. Actually, that might be my favorite part of the story. I was surprised by the resolution of the situation with Mrs. Marland – and in a good way.

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