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Exclusive – Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton & Lisa Renee Jones

Bradley, Eden, Jaci Burton & Lisa Renee Jones. Exclusive. (New York: Berkley, 2007). ISBN – 9780425217078. Includes three stories: Sanctuary, Wild Nights and Purple Magic.

Bradley, Eden. Sanctuary.

Main Characters: Devin and Shayne Vincent

Description from book:

Eden Bradley’s Sanctuary . . .

Innocent Devin never thought of herself as kinky, until a visit to the dungeons of the Ring. Here, a true submissive like Devin is considered quite a prize among dominants like Shayne. The only question is how far Devin is willing to go to please her man – and herself . . .

My Thoughts:

I have to say that this story held me in thrall from start to finish. At times, I actually felt as if I was actually at the Ring with Devin longing to join Shayne. I think that short stories are tough. I am often left wishing for more, wishing for greater character development, and/or feeling as if the plot is rushed. While I would love to have followed Devin and Shayne along as they explored Sanctuary together, I found that I was extremely satisfied with this story. And yes, it was pretty hot, too!

Burton, Jaci. Wild Nights

Main Characters: Grace Wylde  and Mike Nottingham

Related Works: Mike Nottingham appeared in the short story Wild in Jaci Burton’s Wild, Wicked & Wanton.

Description from book:

Jaci Burton’s Wild Nights . . .

Grace Wylde owns a swingers club, but rarely indulges in the fun. It takes a newcomer like Mike to sway her. Pure country. All animal. And up for a good time. But can two people who thrive on independence find a compromise between absolute sexual freedom and total commitment?

My Thoughts:

Mike and Grace are two very independent people who aren’t really looking for commitment. They both like to play – and to play by their own rules. Despite this, they are attracted to each other. They give in to that attraction while trying to maintain their independent – and fight their growing feelings for each other. I enjoyed this story and was very happy to see Mike get his own story. He appeared as a character in an earlier story, Wild, in Burton’s Wild, Wanton and Wicked anthology. In Wild, Abby has a weekend of love with the two veterinarians with whom she works, Seth and Mike. After their initial encounter, Seth and Abby fall in love – and Mike left out. After reading that story, I was a bit conflicted about Mike because of this. I somewhat wish that I had read the end of the story so that I knew in advance that Abby was not going to end up in a committed relationship with both Seth and Mike. Anyway, Grace is certainly a better fit for Mike.

Jones, Lisa Renee. Purple Magic

Main Characters: Jolene Morrison and Drago

Description from book:

Lisa Renee Jones’ Purple Magic . . .

Ever since her friend vanished into the hedonistic world of Manhattan’s forbidden clubs, Jolene Morrison’s been searching for her. Now she’s plunged into a depraved darkness she never imagined – and into the arms of Drago, a mysterious stranger who may be her sensual salvation . . .

My Thoughts:

In this story, Jolene is very worried about her friend Carrie who has been ensnared by the vampire Alex and his hedonistic lifestyle. Jolene, who is child of a vampire and a mortal, needs help and turns to the vampire Drago. Drago is working undercover in Alex’s operation and doesn’t really need the added burden of Jolene. However, Jolene pushes the issue – and Drago is forced to claim Jolene as his own. This was a good story. I often get very confused with paranormal stories because I find it confusing to keep track of how things work. I did not have this problem with this story at all. The vampire lore is a bit different, as it is with every author. However, it was easy to follow. And, I loved the relationship between Jolene and Drago. The addition of Jolene’s father Riker was also well done – and helped to explain Jolene’s unique position as the child of a vampire and a mortal woman.

Read first November 2007



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