Posted by: Jennifer | November 18, 2007

Maverick’s Black Cat – Maggie Casper & Lena Matthews

Casper, Maggie & Lena Matthews. Maverick’s Black Cat.(Akron, OH: Ellora’s Cave, 2006). ISBN – 9781419954160.

Main Characters: Catarena Vaughn and Mason Broderick

Description from book:

Research. It was all in the name of research, or that’s what Catarena keeps telling herself every time she meets Maverick online. In exchange for his knowledge of D/s relationships, Catarena willing becomes his apt pupil, giving over her mind, body and soul to his commands.

Their relationship seems to be made in online heaven . . . until the webcam turns on, unveiling a familiar face to Catarena’s startled eyes.

Mason can’t get his cyber student out of his mind. BlackCat is a dream come true to this dominant man, every lesson bringing them closer to the brink of something wonderful. But when he tries to heat things up by turning on the camera, something goes incredibly wrong and his Kitten runs from him.

Finding his cyber vixen proves to be a hopeless mission until fate steps in, revealing Catarena in the most unlikely of places.

My Thoughts:

I first purchased this as an ebook – and enjoyed it enough to buy the physical book. Catarena is a writer trying to come up with ideas for a book – and is doing research in chat rooms trying to learn about BDSM. She meets someone who goes by the name of Maverick. He agrees to answer her questions, but he wants her to give up some control in return. Honestly, I like the part of the book where these two interact as Maverick and BlackCat best. Catarena is nervous and unsure – and a bit afraid of her developing relationship with Maverick. I love their online interactions.

There relationship changes a bit when Catarena sees Maverick online and realizes that he is Mason Broderick the owner of the company for which she works. She ends the relationship – and stays away, until Mason figures out that one of the woman who delivers mail in his company is his BlackCat. Their relationship in real life is more difficult. Mason is possessive and jealous. Catarena is a bit of a brat – and is very hypersensitive to the difference in their lifestyles. I got a bit irritated with both of them – especially when they fought over Catarena’s continuing research into BDSM. Despite this, I enjoyed watching Catarena and Mason overcoming their differences to find their way to each other.

Read again on November 6, 2007



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