Posted by: Jennifer | November 14, 2007

Hunter’s Salvation – Shiloh Walker

Walker, Shiloh. Hunter’s Salvation. (New York: Berkley, 2007). ISBN – 9780425216323.

Main Characters: Vax and Jess Warren

Related Works: This is part of Shiloh Walker’s The Hunter series.

Description from book:

In this dazzling sequel to the bestselling Hunter the Hunter, Shiloh Walker returns to tell the story of another unique hero at the heart of a strange new world . . .

His Mission

Vax was once committed to his life as a Hunter, tracking down the evil beings who preyed on humans, but he opted out of the game long ago. Now, he is pulled back in – because somebody, somewhere, is in danger. And, despite his best efforts, Vax can’t ignore his calling . . .

Her Sacrifice

Jess Warren is determined to find the maniac who killed her sister. A gifted psychic and telekinetic, she will do anything to exact her vengeance. Even if it means putting herself in peril . . .

Their insatiable desire

Jess would rather not accept Vax’s help – especially since letting him have his way could draw her deeper into his irresistibly sensuous realm. But then he saves her life – and they discover that the depraved madman they’ve been looking for is much closer than either of them could have imagined . . .

My Thoughts:

I may be changing my mind about paranormal romances. I guess I do have a thing for vampires – am a fan of most vampire tv shows. I picked up this book because I have read and enjoyed some of Shiloh Walker’s other stories. I did enjoy this book. I loved the relationship between Vax and Jess – they made me happy. I expected to be a bit confused about the overall plot, since this is one book in a series. However, this book worked as a stand alone. I admit to being intrigued about the stories of some of the characters that I met – and will probably have to get some of the other stories in this series.

One of the things that I loved best about this story is that I was surprised by the ending – by what happens to Vax after his showdown with Thomas – pleasantly surprised. I read romance novels because I expect a certain type of ending – and this naturally means that surprise endings are not the norm. However, I wasn’t expecting (and will admit to being quite confused) the way that Vax battles the evil influences and what it actually does to him. Hopefully, we will see a bit more of Vax and Jess in future stories because I admit to being curious about what will happen to them next.

Read first in November 2007



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