Posted by: Jennifer | November 2, 2007

A Match Made In Scandal – Melody Thomas

Thomas, Melody. A Match Made in Scandal. (New York: Avon, 2005). ISBN – 9780060742317.

Main Characters: Ryan Donally and Rachel Bailey

Date of story: 1873

Related Works:This is part of series about the Donally family. The first book of the series is In My Heart, the story of Sir Christopher Donally and Lady Alexandra Marshall. The next is Must Have Been the Moonlight– the story of Brianna Donally and Michael Fallon, the Duke of Ravenspur. A Match Made in Scandal is the third. The fourth book is Angel in My Bed– David Donally and Meg Faraday’s story.

Description from book:

An obsession that blooms into scandal

Since childhood, Ryan Donally adored Rachel Bailey, though the brilliant, beautiful lass saw him as just another rowdy boy. The years pulled them apart, carrying Rachel to a place of responsibility and respect few women of her time enjoyed . . . while Ryan ascended to undreamed-of heights of wealth and success, and bound his heart to another.

Now fate has brought them together once again – and Rachel sees not the boy she once spurned, but a breathtaking man she desire. Yet Ryan has moved on and is unwilling to forgive, and Rachel hides a secret shame that could destroy everything she has worked for. Then, in one moment of unrestrained passion, the walls between them tumble, and the price they must pay is a marriage neither can afford. But will a sensuous fire too-long resisted bring tragedy . . . or will it forge a glorious and undying love?

My Thoughts:

Several times while reading this book, I really wanted to smash Ryan and Rachel’s heads together to knock some sense into each of them. It was so obvious that they each loved the other, but that they had both made some decisions that kept themselves separated. There seemed to be an assumption that most of this was Rachel’s fault because she had always fancied Ryan’s older brother Christopher as a young girl – despite the fact that Ryan kissed Rachel before he left for college, married Rachel’s best friend, Kathleen, and was engaged to Lady Gwyneth Abbott at the outset of the novel. I really think that they both made some really stupid choices that kept them apart for so many years. Despite this irritation with them both, I loved the characters. Ryan hooked me in from the start. His fascination with and love for Rachel was so apparent, even if I often questioned whether he would give in to his feelings. Rachel was very interesting – a female who so desperately wanted to succeed as an architect in a man’s world. Her courage and drive were admirable.

Besides Rachel and Ryan, I loved Father David Donally, Ryan’s brother. He spent a great deal of time watching over Rachel – and causing problems for his brother. While reading the book, I kept thinking to myself that there was something familiar about him. It took me a while to place Fr. Donally as the hero from Melody Thomas’ Angel in My Bed– mostly because I found that book a bit difficult to follow. I also didn’t get terribly attached to either David or the female love interest, Meg Faraday. I find it very difficult to reconcile Fr. Donally to the character in this other book. I will probably have to go back and re-read Angel in My Bed now that I am a bit more aware of the background. I’ve also put In My Heart and Must Have been the Moonlight in my list of books to buy.

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