Posted by: Jennifer | October 22, 2007

Make Her Dreams Come True – Joey W. Hill

Hill, Joey W. Make Her Dreams Come True. (Ellora’s Cave, 2000). ebook.

Main Characters: Meg & Daniel

My Thoughts:

I am becoming a huge fan of Joey W. Hill. Virtual Reality is one of my favorite books. This story about Meg and Daniel is wonderful. Meg has had a difficult time with her life of late. While spending the day at the mall, she stops to admire a beautiful dress. There she meets a mysterious man who buys the dress for Meg and convinces her to give up control for the day. After some hesitation, she gives in to the stranger. They spend the day at the mall doing some shopping, having ice cream and of course, playing. I will tell you that I never really considered the mall to be a sexy place – and then I read this story. It definitely made me want to go to the mall.

As with the other Joey W.  Hill stories that I have read, this one is rather emotional. Meg is just starting to live again after having experienced a tragedy. It is as if she is just waking up from a long sleep, due in no small part to Daniel. Daniel’s presence at the mall isn’t coincidental. He has been watching over Meg for quite some time – and. I think, planning his move. On this day, he decides to wrest control away from Meg – and to make her start living again. You can see Meg coming alive again as they go from store to store. I’m particularly partial to their scene in the store’s backroom. Wow!

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