Posted by: Jennifer | October 17, 2007

Double Dare – Saskia Walker

Walker, Saskia. Double Dare. (New York: Berkley, 2006). ISBN – 0425212971

Main Characters: Abby Douglas and Zac Bordino

Description from book:

A woman uninhibited.

Beautiful investment advisor Abby Douglas has played with a lot of men, and that’s just the way she wants it. No commitments. No regrets. And no games – until she meets a dangerously sexy stranger in the elevator in her office building. Suddenly, she’s taking on a new identity, pretending to be a receptionist, and finally giving herself up to the kind of raw fantasies no uptight businesswoman should ever consider – unless of course she found a man strong enough to make her.

A secret unzipped

Club owner Zac Bordino is stunned to find that the hot number who gave him such a sweet reception isn’t who she says. In fact, she’s actually the brains behind his company’s investments, and she’s not even aware of it. Now Zac isn’t sure what to tell Abby first – his growing feelings for her or their secret connection. Either way, from steamy nights in London to sizzling rendezvous in Paris, from plush offices to pulse-pounding nightclubs, Zac may have found an insatiably perfect match – in business and in pleasure . . .

My Thoughts:

This book was ok. I did like the relationship between Abby and Zac – there was some definite chemistry. However, I never quite understood why Abby choose to masquerade as a receptionist – and didn’t think it added anything specific to the overall plot. I enjoyed the end of the story, but felt that Zac took an awfully big risk in revealing his true identity to Abby in a boardroom full of people. Overall, the book was worth a read.

Read first on October 13, 2007


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