Posted by: Jennifer | October 17, 2007

A Compromised Lady – Elizabeth Rolls

Rolls, Elizabeth. A Compromised Lady. (New York: Harlequin, 2007). ISBN – 9780373294640.

Main Characters:Richard Blakehurst and Dorothea Winslow

Description from book:

Something had wrought a change in Thea Winslow.

As a girl she had been bubbling over with mischief. As a woman she seemed half lost in shadow. But Richard Blakehurst couldn’t miss the flash of connection between them when his hand touched hers. It was as if he had awakened something deep inside her.

Seeing Richard again brought back the taunting memory of their dance at her come-out ball. She must tame her wayward thoughts, because Thea doubted even her considerable fortune could buy Richard’s good opinion of her if ever he learnt the truth . . .

My Thoughts:

I often get very agitated by allusions to BIG SECRETS that render the gentle women of the ton unmarriagable – or ruined. Enough alluding to it – and just tell me already. I definitely felt this way while reading this book. Thea Winslow was indeed ruined eight years before the start of the tale. We aren’t quite sure why – only that is had something to do with Nigel Lallerton – the man she was supposed to marry and who is now dead. Plenty of people within London’s society seem to want to make her life miserable and feel the need to recirculate the stories. We do finally find out what happened, but, of course, it takes much longer for Richard Blakehurst to get the full story.

Thea’s ruination is not a pretty tale. She was raped by her fiancee and left pregnant. Her brother killed the fiance in a duel. And finally, her father conspired to take her baby and tell Thea that the child had died. She was banished to the country and not even allowed to attend her own mother’s funeral. Yikes! Fortunately, Richard is able to deal with Thea’s past. They do find a way to be happy together despite all of the pain and heartache. I admit that it was a bit too much for me. I enjoyed the story, but was tired when I finished reading it.

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