Posted by: Jennifer | October 16, 2007

Seduced for the Inheritance – Jennifer Lewis

Lewis, Jennifer. Seduced for the Inheritance. (New York: Silhouette, 2007). Silhouette Desire. ISBN – 9780373768301.

Main Characters: Anna Marcus and Reynaldo DeLeon

Description from book:

How long could she deny him?

She was the cook’s plain-Jane daughter. He was the estate owner’s privileged son. But now Anna’s beloved mother and Reynaldo DeLeon’s wealthy father were gone, their clandestine affair exposed. And Anna, who’d secretly loved the gorgeous DeLeon heir, suddenly owned a piece of his family’s estate. Which Reynaldo wanted back at any cost. He upped his price with every no that came from Anna’s lips. Until her lips could refuse him no longer . . .

My Thoughts:

I’m not sure what to make of this of this story. It is decent. Anna returns to the estate on which she grew up after her mother’s death. While there she encounters Reynaldo – on whom she had a crush as a teenager. Anna’s mother was the estate’s cook, while Reynaldo was the son of the owner. The story is complicated by the fact that Anna’s mother and Reynaldo’s father had engaged in a long-term affair – even while Reynaldo’s mother was still alive. As a result, Reynaldo’s father left Anna’s mother the deed to the cottage she had always lived in – not to mention millions of dollars worth of jewels. In the midst of wrangling for the land and the jewels, Anna and Reynaldo give in to their passion for each other. Things, of course, get worse before they get better. Reynaldo’s sister links scandalous tidbits to the local newspaper and Anna’s ancient truck causes a fire that destroys the cottage. I definitely got a little irritated with Anna – and her waffling about selling out to Reynaldo despite her need for the money. Fortunately, all turns out well.

Read first on October 12, 2007


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