Posted by: Jennifer | October 15, 2007

Decadent – Shayla Black

Black, Shayla. Decadent. (New York: Berkley, 2007). ISBN – 9780425217214.

Main Characters: Kimber Edgington and Deke Trenton – also Luc Traverson & Jesse McCall

Related Works:  Deke Trenton appears in Shayla Black’s Wicked Ties. Deke is the third in a menage a trois with Morgan and Jack.

Description from book:

How can a virgin seeking happily ever-after with a hot pop star who has a penchant for threesomes win her fantasy man? Kimber Edgington desperately needs a plan to convince Jess McCall, who’s been her friend and secret crush since they spent a summer together as teenagers, that they are meant for each other. But all the tabloid stories about his sexual escapades make her feel oh so inadequate.

Determined to prove she’s woman enough for Jesses, Kimber turns to bodyguard Deke Trenton for sexual education. Bold and Brash, Deke warns Kimber that playing with him is playing with fire. But he can’t bear to imagine the innocent beauty in someone else’s arms. So Deke and his super-sexy cousin, Luc, take Kimber under their wings and dangerously close to the edge of ecstasy. though she’s saved herself for Jesse, Kimber soon learns he’s not the man adept at stoking her aching, endless need. That’s Deke, and he can’t resist when Kimber begs for more – and more . . .

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved Wicked Ties, so I was SO looking forward to reading Decadent. I really did enjoy it – I read it in one sitting. Kimber and Deke are a rather interesting couple. Kimber is looking for a little instruction in the wilder side of sex. She is a virgin and knows that her teenage love, Jesse McCall, indulges in some different sexual escapades. She approaches Deke for help knowing that he has a penchant for menages. The truth is a bit more complicated. After a rather devastating experience with a teenage love, Deke only ever has sex as part of a threesome (m/m/f). His usual third is his cousin Luc – with whom he lives. Eventually, he gives into Kimber’s request and she agrees to move in with him and Luc for two weeks to learn.

This story is rather emotional (something that I like). Deke has some serious issues that make him resistant to finding love and having a relationship with one woman. In fact, Deke actually doubts whether he is physically capable of having sex with a woman and no third. Meanwhile, Kimber thinks she loves Jesse McCall – a rather spoiled and annoying rock star. Then, there is Luc.

As I said, I did enjoy this story. I liked Kimber and Deke – and how they related to each other. I did have some issues with the story. From the beginning, there seems to be an assumption that Luc is looking for a permanent third for himself and Deke. Despite Deke’s belief that he cannot find true love, he seems to accept this notion also. There seems to be some confusion about this. I felt that at times the story was leading to Luc being a part of Deke and Kimber’s relationship. There are valid reasons why this doesn’t happen, but it left me with a uneasy feeling at the end of the book. This doesn’t serioulsy detract from the book, it just makes me unhappy about Luc’s situation. Of course, that could be part of the plan???? I will say that I think Wicked Ties is a better story – but will also admit that the dominant/submissive plot appeals to me more and that could be the reason.

Read first on October 11, 2007



  1. Dekes an asshole,but Kimber was willing to ffer herdself.It was good.Luc is a little creepy.

  2. Deke’s an asshole,but Kimber was willing to ffer herdself.It was good.Luc is a little creepy.

  3. I definitely do agree – but for some reason, I seem to like Deke’s type. Luc was a bit odd. I’m waiting for his story to come out to find out more about him.

  4. Shayla Black is a favorite of mine. I read her by chance one day, the cover of her Wicked Ties book grabbed my attention. Now she’s on my must read list.

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