Posted by: Jennifer | October 15, 2007

Behind the Mask – Anthology

Hill, Joey E., Lacey Alexander and Elizabeth Lapthorne.  Behind the Mask.(Stow, OH: Ellora’s Cave, 2005). ISBN – 1419901168. Includes Board Resolution by Joey W. Hill, Mardi Gras by Lacey Alexander and Hidden Desires by Elizabeth Lapthorne.

Hill, Joey W. Board Resolution.

Main Characters: Savannah Tennyson and Matthew Lord Kensington

My Thoughts:

Wow! The time and effort that Matthew Kensington puts into seducing Savannah is rather amazing. Savannah is a high-powered business women – one who has erotic fantasies about Matt, who is a business colleague. Matt, who has a rather dominant personality, senses that Savannah needs someone to take control. To that end, he plans a rather elaborate means of seduction in his board room with the help of his four-man management team. This story has a power struggle extraordinaire – one that kept me quite engrossed. Fortunately, Savannah quite enjoys the way in which Matt takes control – and so did I!

Read first on October 7, 2007

Alexander, Lacey. Mardi Gras.

Main Characters: Mia Sanderson and Ty Brewer

My Thoughts:

This story has a slightly different take on the woman-in-love-with-older-brother’s-friend theme. Mia Sanderson is in love with Ty Brewer who she has known since she was thirteen. Of course, he has never showed any signs of returning her feelings. One day in the office, she overhears a conversation in which Ty confesses to his friend Jack that he has fantasies about being tied up. Tired of pining after Ty, Mia decides to take matters into her own hands. During a Mardi Gras party, Mia dons a mask, adopts the personality of Mistriss Mina and makes Ty’s fantasies come true. You have to admire the way that Mia goes after what she wants. Things get a little rocky when Ty figures out who Mistress Mina really is -but that doesn’t stop him from extracting his own form of revenge.

Read first on October 7, 2007

Lapthorne, Elizabeth. Hidden Desires.

Main Charcacters: Lily and Andrew Morissey

My Thoughts:

Looking for a little anonymous fun? With the help of a special mask, Lily puts together a special, Mardi Gras costume. At the party, she meets a handsome highwayman and gives in to her hidden desire to walk on the wild side. Unbeknownst to Lily, her highwayman is her colleague Andrew, who has been waiting for an opportunity to get close to Lily. He seizes the opportunity to get Lily into his arms for a passionate evening. I did enjoy this story – although it was my least favorite of the three stories in this anthology. Lily and Andrew didn’t resonate with me as much as the Savannah & Matt and Mia and Ty.

Read first on October 7, 2007


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