Posted by: Jennifer | October 14, 2007

Triple Play – Rhyannon Byrd

Byrd, Rhyannon. Triple Play. (Ellora’s Cave, 2005). ISBN – 1-4199-0237-7. ebook.

Main Characters: Denny Abott, Gabriel Harrison, & Jonah Cartwright

My Thoughts:

There is something quite titillating about being blindfolded and offered up to the man of your fantasies as a birthday present. I definitely got into this story. Denny Abott lusts after her boss, Gabriel Harrison. Gabriel’s partner, Jonah Cartwright, knows that Gabriel has similar feelings for Denny. He also knows that Gabriel won’t do anything about them. So Jonah takes matters into his own hands to help Gabriel and Denny get together. So, what does Jonah get out of this? He gets to participate, of course! The menage scene is quite hot. And, once Gabriel gets his hands on Denny, he can’t let go!

Read first on October 9, 2007



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