Posted by: Jennifer | October 14, 2007

The Desert Bride of Al Zayed – Tessa Radley

Radley, Tessa. The Desert Bride of Al Zayed. (New York: Silhouette, 2007). Silhouette Desire – November 2007. ISBN – 9780373768356.

Main Characters: Jayne Jones and Sheikh Tariq bin Rashid

Description from book:

The Royal Wife

After five years Jayne could finally release herself from Sheikh Tariq bin Rashid, the desert prince of Zayed . . . and her husband. He’d courted her, captivated her, but he’d never truly trusted her. And treacherous palace lies had sent Jayne running.

Now the time for hiding was over – she was back to demand a divorce. And Tariq was willing to comply. If Jayne would pretend to be his happily wedded bride for a few weeks longer. But with passion still burning so intensely between them, would Jayne truly ever be free?

My Thoughts:

Sigh! I’m a sucker for sheikhs, the desert and stories reuniting estranged spouses. There is definitely something about arrogant rulers, disapproving fathers and royal intrigue. This book has them all. Several years prior to the start of the book, Tariq had banished Jayne because his father told him that she had been unfaithful – and that the baby she carried belonged to her alleged lover. After the requisite five year waiting period, Jayne calls to request a divorce. Tariq demands that she journey from New Zealand to Zayed to discuss the issue. Tariq’s father is dying – and he wants Jayne to pretend that they have reconciled. Of course, they grow closer – especially while traveling together in the desert.  Also, Tariq’s father confesses about his role in sabotaging his son’s marriage – and admits that he lied.

I wasn’t so keen on the fact that Jayne had given birth to Tariq’s daughter and had given her up for adoption.  I could feel Tariq’s pain – and I didn’t find anything fun about the scene where Tariq goes to meet his daughter and her family (Jayne’s sister and brother in law). I skimmed over this part of the story as quickly as possible. Otherwise, I found this to book to be a good read.

Read first on October 13, 2007.



  1. Thanks for reading Tariq and Jayne’s story!

    I’m a sucker for sheikhs and reunited spouse stories too. And I’ll admit that I found the last chapter VERY tough to write, but I didn’t want to let Jayne miscarry in the past (that’s the usual story) or have the baby die (my personal worst nightmare and one of the most traumatic event that could every happen to parents).

    It was so difficult…because Jayne loves her sister, and knows how miserable her sister is because of her infertility. Amy is in wonderful hands, she’s happy. What to do? I just couldn’t see Tariq taking Amy away, and if he did, I wasn’t sure he and Jayne could ever have found happiness if he had. So, yes, it was incredibly painful to write and re-write…but it was the only way the book could end for these characters. And Amy does bring so many people so much joy. One day I’ll have to write her story when enough time has passed…

    Now from one sheikh reader to another, what did you think of Karim?


  2. I think that Amy’s would be a great story!! I do appreciate the reasons why you wrote the story the way you did. I found it painful to read, but it certainly evoked an emotional reaction.

    Karim was an interesting character. At first, I assumed he would be like Ali and Mahood – especially given the attempt by Tariq’s father to arrange a marriage with Yasmin. Obviously, he isn’t anything like the other two. I would be interested to learn more about Karim – if that is what you are thinking!

    Thanks for the comment!!!


  3. Thanks, Jennifer!

    I’m finding myself quite intrigued by Karim too *g*. He had a personality all his own and could be VERY interesting to write…

    Take care, keep up the reviews!

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