Posted by: Jennifer | October 10, 2007

Ringing in the Season – Rachel Bo

Bo, Rachel. Ringing in the Season.(Ellora’s Cave, 2003). ISBN -1-84360-730-1. ebook.

Main Characters: Traci and Rick

My Thoughts:

There is definitely something to be said for stories about rekindling the romance. In this tale, Traci has just about had it with her husband Rick. They have been married for 17 years, but lately Rick has been working and working and working some more. In fact, Rick had gone to work on Thanksgiving leaving Traci home with the kids, despite his promise to spend more time at home. With Christmas approaching, Traci is afraid that the marriage is over. However, Rick has quite the surprise waiting for Traci when she gets home – a rather erotic treasure hunt and trip down memory lane.

This story had me mesmerized from the beginning. Not only is it hot, but also quite romantic. As part of the treasure hunt, Rick writes notes with references to important parts of their life together. As Traci goes from note to note, she realizes how much Rick loves her – and desires her. Eventually, the notes leads Traci to Rick – man-woman love ensues. Additionally, Rick has made provisions in order to spend more time at home. Traci gets a wonderful Christmas surprise!

Read first on October 7, 2007.



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