Posted by: Jennifer | October 10, 2007

My Love Of Romance Novels

I’m not sure that I remember the first romance novel that I read. However, I do remember the first one that I fell in love with – Diana Palmer’s Friends and Lovers. It was published by Silhouette Desire in 1983, which would have made me about 12 years old. I “borrowed” it from my mom who was (and still is) a big fan of series romance. I remember reading this book again over and over – especially the scene where John has to remove a hook that gets stuck in Madeline’s blouse. It blew away my 12 year old psyche and can still make me sigh. Undoubtedly, it was this book that started my love affair with Ms. Palmer’s works. I fondly remember reading Champagne Girl (which ties with September Morning and Calhoun for my favorite), Unlikely Lover, Calhoun, The Rawhide Man and Tender Stranger during my formative, teenage years. While it wasn’t until years later that I started collecting her books, I continued to hope that my mother would buy her new stories. Sadly this didn’t always happen. However, I spent several years hunting down her earlier titles – something that I still consider worth the effort. The only books that I don’t own are At Winter’s End (which Ms. Palmer won’t reissue) and The Morcai Battalion (which will be reissued this December – and I will purchase).

So with this in mind, I was ecstatic when I got home from work yesterday and saw two boxes waiting for me in my driveway. One contained two books from an Amazon order (Decadent by Shayla Black and A Touch of Minx from Suzanne Enoch), while the other was from and included Diana Palmer’s latest book, Winter Roses. I immediately knew that whatever I got done last night would have to include starting and finishing Winter Roses.

There is something so very wonderful about a new Diana Palmer book!



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  2. Love Diana Palmer! The december book isn’t a reissue… it has been reworked and has a lot added too it. So if you have the first one, keep it ;).

    And add this one too it. I loved Friends and Lovers and Rawhide Man. I am not sure what it is about a palmer book but when she is good she is GREAT.

  3. Hi Sybil!
    I guess that I think of it as a reissues because I was never able to find a copy of the original. I am looking forward to its release!!!!

    I agree about Diana Palmer!!! Thanks for the comment!

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