Posted by: Jennifer | October 10, 2007

An Extreme Haunting – Cheryl Dragon

Dragon, Cheryl. An Extreme Haunting. Tricks and Treats Series. (Ellora’s Cave, 2007). ISBN – 9781419912405. ebook.

Main Characters: Sean O’Brien and Dana Rayne

My Thoughts:

Now, I’m definitely not a fan of paranormal stories – especially those with ghosts. I find it difficult to get into them because my mind does not want to accept ghosts and like. I especially don’t really care for scenes where ghosts take over or manipulate people. This story definitely has ghosts – and ghosts who try to impose their will on the main characters. Despite this, I ordered this ebook (I’m a bit of a sucker for the BDSM themed stories, if you couldn’t tell that fact). I really liked both Sean and Dana – although wasn’t so keen on the ghosts.

Sean’s family owns an ancient castle in Ireland – one that is haunted. He travels to Ireland with a professional paranormal investigator hired by his sister in order to try and rid the castle of ghosts, despite the fact that he doesn’t believe the castle is haunted. Sean is sort-of a reluctant dominant – one who yearns to dominate, but has been disappointed that many of his past girlfriends weren’t looking to be submissive. Of course, Dana sparks Sean’s dominant fantasies – and Sean has quite a doozy of a daydream while on the plane to Ireland. This all gets complicated by the fact that the ghosts that inhabit the castle are a man, named Dermott, and several of his lady friends. Dermott was a dominant who didn’t believe in monogamy. Once Sean and Dana arrive at the castle, Dermott helps push Sean into making Dana his. This inhabiting is very disconcerting – near the end of the story, one of Dermott’s women tries to push Dana to kill Sean. This ends up helping to eradicate the ghosts.

All in all, I enjoyed the story – more than I thought I would. Sean finally finds someone willing to submit and Dana seems happy to submit. Overall, I didn’t really mind the ghosts.

Read first on October 6, 2007


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