Posted by: Jennifer | October 6, 2007

Irresistible – Mary Balogh

Balogh, Mary. Irresistible. (New York: Berkley Sensation, 2007). Reissue. ISBN – 9780425221037.

Main Characters: Sophia Armitage and Sir Nathaniel Gascoigne

Description from book:

From beloved New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh comes this passionate tale of a proper lady who discovers just how desirable she really is after one very  improper night . . .

It was unthinkable. It was irresponsible. It was . . .


Sophia Armitage was a friend, indeed. She had agreed to help Sir Nathaniel Gascoigne find a husband for his cousin Lavinia in the glittering city of London – only half hoping that she’d find one for herself. Sophia knew the odds were against her. Men simply did not seem to be attracted to her – not in that way. Even her late husband had treated Sophia more as a companion than a lover. But then something shocking happened in London – Sophia found herself in the arms of Nathaniel himself! Not only did this act of indiscretion threaten their lifelong friendship, it revealed a depth of passion that defied everything Sophia believed about herself . . .

My thoughts:

What I would really like to know is who actually writes the descriptions that appear on the back of books. I’m often quite amused my the inconsistencies in the plot summary and the actual plot itself. In this case, Sophia does not ever agree to help Nathaniel find a bride for his cousin Lavinia. Sophia accidentally meets up with Nathanial and this three friends in the park. Nathaniel knew them all from his time in the army when Sophia was married to William Armitage. They renew their friendship – and then become more. However, Sophia was not actually looking for a husband. In fact, she seemed rather opposed to marrying again.  So, do the people who write the book descriptions actually read them??? I’ve always wanted to know.

Otherwise, this was an enjoyable book. I liked both Sophia and Nathaniel – and it was wonderful to see things take a positive turn in Sophia’s life. She was married to a man who was gay, widowed early, blackmailed about her husband’s sexual preferences and quite along through it all. Fortunately, Nathaniel and his friends were able to help – and stop the blackmailer. There was a wonderful side plot between Nathaniel’s friend Eden and his cousin Lavinia. I would have loved to have read more about their relationship.

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