Posted by: Jennifer | October 5, 2007

Double Jeopardy: Strength in Numbers – Rachel Bo

Bo, Rachel. Double Jeopardy: Strength in Numbers. (Stow, OH: Ellora’s Cave, 2004). ISBN – 1843609517.

Main Characters: Kendall Aaronson, Joshua Reed & Sutter Campbell

Related Works: Double Jeopardy, detailing the story of Kendall Aaronson, Joshua Reed and Sutter Campbell, is the first title in the Strength in Number storyline. The second story is Danger in Discovery in which Sutter’s father David Campbell reconnects with former loves Jason and Joy. The third story is Branded – a story in which Brandy Mitchell (Kendall Aaronson’s best friend) finds love as the submissive of Eric and Madeleine Brogan, a dominant couple.

Description from book:

Kendall Aaronson can’t believe the incredible attraction she feels to the two young hunks, Joshua Reed and Sutter Campbell, the first time they enter her shop. Soon, she finds it’s an attraction she can’t resist! As their unique relationship heats up, so does the temper of Sutter’s father. When David Campbell threatens to destroy everything Kendall has come to cherish, her strength and determination are the only things standing in his way.

My Thoughts:

This was the first Rachel Bo story that I read. I did get quite caught up in the story of Kendall, Joshua and Sutter. Kendall is a very strong woman who at first has trouble accepting a committed relationship between three people. However, once she does accept it, she is the one that will fight Sutter’s father to keep her family together. The way that she took on David was tremendous – and in doing so, forged a very interesting and intriguing relationship with David (one that continues on in Danger in Discovery). This relationship with Kendall ends up being David’s salvation. David is a fascinating character – one who is tortured and driven to destroy his son’s relationship with Josh. I couldn’t wait to read Danger in Discovery when I was done with this one.

An interesting aspect of the relationship between Kendall, Josh and Sutter is a heightened awareness of each other that they all share. Josh and Sutter have been friends since they were young boys – always together, although not sexually. They immediately know that Kendall is the one for whom they have been waiting. It is a strange connection – and in one scene, Sutter and Josh bring Kendall or repeated orgasms by using this connection. As one who tends to be bothered by the paranormal, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of this connection. However, it worked in this story.

Read first on October 4, 2007.



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