Posted by: Jennifer | October 5, 2007

Cabin Fever – Diana Hunter

Hunter, Diana. Cabin Fever. (Stow, Ohio: Ellora’s Cave, 2005). ISBN – 9781419955044.

Main Characters: Isabel and Daniel Fox.

Description from the book:

As soon as her date took the turn up the mountain, Isabel knew she was in trouble. Did all men take one look at her well-endowed breasts and think sex? The last thing she was about to do was make out in a tiny car on some godforsaken mountain with a date she never wanted to see again.

Daniel Fox wanted to forget a case gone bad and a relationship gone sour. When a client he had defended killed his wife, Daniel takes a leave of absence and, alone, heads for a mountain retreat to deal with the guilt. The last thing he wants is company.

A winter storm forces Isabel and Daniel together and they must share a tiny cabin with one bed. In that bed they discover a dark passion that rules them both. Neither of them gets what they had planned . . . but both get something better.

My Thoughts:

This wasn’t my favorite Diana Hunter book. This may have more to do with the fact that I found it difficult to lose myself in the storyline – being stranded in a cabin without indoor plumbing or electricity on a mountain for an indefinite amount of time – than with anything else. I think because the situation of the story didn’t appeal, I found it difficult to let the story absorb me. The peeing-in-a-bucket thing got to me, I think. Isabel and Daniel were interesting characters. They were cute together – and seemed to be a couple who could actually spend all winter trapped in a cabin by themselves.

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