Posted by: Jennifer | September 30, 2007

Lord of Scandal – Nicola Cornick

Cornick, Nicola. Lord of Scandal. (New York: HQN, 2007). ISBN – 9780373772117.

Main Characters: Catherine Fenton and Benjamin, Lord Hawksmoor

Date: 1814

Description from book:

Lord Hawksmoor is the Lord of Scandal – celebrated by the pampered and paupers alike!

Scandalous and seductive, Hawksmoor is a notorious fortune hunter. A man women want to bed – and men want to do away with. Now he has tasted the woman of his dreams, Catherine Fenton, and he will do anything to make her his.

Though Heiress to eighty thousand pounds, Catherine is trapped in a gilded cage, and duty bound to a man she detests. The ton has woven a fantasy around Ben, Lord Hawksmoor, that any woman would find hard to resist, but she senses there is more to the man behind the glittering facade.

She believes he can rescue her – but has she found her hero, or made a pact with the devil himself . . .?

My Thoughts:

While I did enjoy this book, I admit to skimming through much of it in order to get to the end. Catherine Fenton’s fiance, Lord Withers, her father, Sir Alfred Fenton and Lady Paris de Moine were all quite loathe-some characters. Maggie, Sir Alfred’s wife (and Catherine’s stepmother) was beyond sad. Ned Clarencieux, who was executed at the beginning of the story, was framed for his crime. There was SO much doom and gloom in this book that I couldn’t really get past. Catherine and Ben had an interesting courtship, but even their interactions didn’t help me loose myself in this story. I was glad that Catherine and Ben found their way to each other – despite their financial problems. However, I know this is a book that I probably will not be tempted to read again.

Read first on September 29, 2007.


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