Posted by: Jennifer | September 25, 2007

When Dashing Met Danger – Shana Galen

Galen, Shana. When Dashing Met Danger. (New York: Avon, 2005). 0060773154.

Main Characters: Lucia Dashing and Alex Scarston, Earl of Selbourne

Description from book:

The man is arrogant, insufferable . . . and dangerously irresistible!

Alexander Scarston, Earl of Selbourne, may be wealthy, devilishly handsome and one of  England’s most eligible bachelors, but as far as lovely Lucia Dashing is concerned, the man is a scoundrel – one who makes her heart race, even as her own safe, stodgy fiance leaves her feeling cold – but a scoundrel nonetheless. However, when Lucia’s twin brother vanishes mysteriously, she must turn to Alex for help and convince the fearless and arrogant earl that he needs her and her inspired plans.

As a secret agent for the Crown, Alex has mastered the ability to mask his identity and his heart. When he realizes that his nation’s future depends on his finding the missing youth, Alex risks all by exposing innocent Lucia to his world of secrets and subterfuge. The impulsive lady delights in courting certain danger for the first time in her young life – yet nothing will prove as perilous as Alex Scarston’s kiss!

My Thoughts:

I absolutely could not put this book down last night. I started reading it when I got in the bathtub at about 7:15PM last night – and stayed up way too late because I had to finish it. Lucia and Alex captured my heart right from the start. Their relationship begins when Alex intercedes on Lucia’s behalf. Reginald, Viscount Dandridge, and Lucia’s inebriated fiance becomes too amorous at a London fete. Alex insists upon taking Lucia home. Thus begins a tumultuous relationship between the main characters. Despite her engagement, Lucia is drawn to Selbourne. Meanwhile, Alex has no intention of ever marrying. He has no intention of becoming a fool for love like his late father. However, Alex has been asked to find Lucia’s twin brother who has gone missing while supposedly on his Grand Tour. Of course, the real reason for his disappearance is much more complex. With Lucia’s help (unwanted of course), Alex makes little headway in finding out what happened to John until Lucia finds a curious note. Alex immediately understands the significance of the note. Before he can act, Alex and Lucia are kidnapped by French spies who have been waiting to extract revenge on Selbourne. Fortunately, with help from friends, they are able to escape, find John and vanquish the bad guys – nixing Bonaparte’s plans to invade England. Eventually, Alex comes to his senses and admits his love for Lucia in a very grand fashion. I am so looking forward to reading Galen’s other works now!!!

Read first on September 24, 2007


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