Posted by: Jennifer | September 25, 2007

Virtual Reality – Joey W. Hill

Hill, Joey W. Virtual Reality,(Stow, Ohio: Ellora’s Cave, 2005). 141995184X.

Main Characters: Mark and Nicole

Description from book:

Mark is a reclusive Dominant who confines his sexual interests strictly to the online world. On his routine afternoon ferry ride, he meets a woman who rouses the Master in him, and the line snaps between the virtual and the real world. She begs for him to take her over, and bring them both fulfillment and healing. He wants to refuse her but he finds himself agreeing to spend one day with her. It is a mistake, because the anger he holds inside is fully capable of destroying a soul as rare and beautiful as Nicole’s . but no Master, not even one as strong and disciplined as Mark, can resist the offer of a submissive who wants only one thing – to be his forever.

My Thoughts:

Mark and Nicole have an online relationship – where Mark is Nicole’s Master. Nicole is quite anxious to make their virtual relationship a reality. To this end, she tracks down Mark down and convinces him to allow her to stay with him for one day – to let her be his “Shy Kitten”. I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with Mark. He comes across as a lonely, tortured soul – who so badly needs what Nicole offers. While he is a Dominant, his proclivities were used against him publicly during his divorce. He lost custody of his son – and as a result, felt compelled to confine his need to dominate to the virtual world. He is so full of rage, and he honestly believes that he will hurt or destroy Nicole if he allows himself to totally¬†give in the to darkness inside of him. Fortunately, he learns to embrace who he is, with Nicole at his side – or possibly at his feet.

I found this book to be incredibly powerful. The scene between Mark and Nicole on the ferry, after he learns who Nicole actually is one of the hottest in the book even though it isn’t overtly sexual. The scene near the end with the vegetables was quite bizarre, but I thoroughly enjoyed the way that Mark commanded Nicole. I’ve already read this book about 4-5 times – and I’m sure that I will read it several more times in the future.


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