Posted by: Jennifer | September 24, 2007

TV Is Back

The end of September is one of my favorite times of the year because it brings the new television season. I spend a great deal of time reading about new tv shows, deciding what I want to watch and eagerly anticipating the return of my favorites.

Returning Shows:

  • Bones– This show is definitely near the top of my list of favorites. I absolutely love David Boreanz. Dr. Brennan is a hoot. And together, they are hysterical. The rest of the cast is great too. Tuesdays at 8PM.
  • Navy NCIS– I’ve always enjoyed shows with Mark Harmon – and his is excellent at Gibbs. I didn’t think the show would recover when Kate (played by Sasha Alexander) left. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kate and Tony bicker with each other. However, Zeva (played by Cote de Pablo) fits in just as well. I can’t wait to see how the whole “frog” thing plays out. Tony’s relationship with Jean seems to have been an undercover operation. How will that all work out? Also on Tuesday nights at 8PM.
  • How I Met Your Mother – This show makes me laugh. I was very sad that Ted and Robin broke up – but, of course, we knew this was coming. Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) is amazingly funny. On Monday nights at 8PM.
  • The Unit – This is more my husband’s show. However, I got hooked watching it with him. I’m a huge fan of Robert Patrick. I’ve also become a fan of Scott Foley. I’m a bit annoyed about the way that last season ended. It better get back on track!! On Tuesdays at 9PM.
  • CSI– I do enjoy all of the CSIs. I’ve been watching this one the longest. I would have said it was my favorite until the season ender last year. Cliffhangers are one thing, but leaving one of the cast members in a life-threatening situation all summer is beyond cruel. On Thursdays at 9PM.
  • CSI: Miami– I have always loved this show. Last year, I thought things started to take a bad spin – Delko getting shot, the Callie and Delco thing and Wolfe’s problems. I would like things to settle down, but the ads for tonight’s episode don’t make me believe that they will. On Mondays at 10PM.
  • CSI: New York– I’m looking forward to this one – which is fast becoming my favorite of the CSIs. On Wednesdays at 10PM.
  • My Name is Earl – I’m so sad that Earl went to jail. Hopefully, he will have a better year. On Thursdays at 8PM.
  • The Office – This show is absolutely hysterical. I can’t wait to find out what happened between Jim & Pam. On Thursdays at 8:30PM.

New Shows I Want to Watch:

  • Chuck – I love spy shows, and this seems like one with a twist. On Mondays at 8PM.
  • Moonlight – I’m not sure why I’m intrigued. I generally dislike all things paranormal. We shall see. On Fridays at 9PM.

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