Posted by: Jennifer | September 22, 2007

Master/Slave – Edited by N.T. Morley

Morely. N.T. (editor). Master/Slave. (New York: Berkley Heat, 2004). 0425202690. An anthology of 60 short stories – 30 spanking tales from the top and 30 spanking tales from the bottom.

This is an interesting anthology consisting of 30 spanking tales from the top in the Master portion of the book and 30 spanking tales from the bottom in the slave portion. The book provides a unique arrangement of short stories that juxtaposes the insights of dominants with those of submissives. I wasn’t sure what my reaction would be before I read the entire collection. Generally, short stories are not favorite. I often find them too short – I don’t often feel as if I’ve had enough time to get emotionally vested in the story before it is over. However, I actually thought the majority of these stories were well done. Many stories offered small glimpses into the minds (and escapades) of their characters played out in various scenes between the dominants and their submissives.

Overall, I enjoyed the stories from the top more. I definitely got caught up in the thoughts and actions of the men in control. In particular, I enjoyed Scott Wallace’s Good Fortune – a story that has permanently altered the way I think of fortune cookies (and quite possibly men’s restrooms in Chinese food restaurants too). Some of my other favorites are Joey’s first Spanking by Paul Cummings, In the Belly by Eroticus, In Control by M. Christian and Instructor’s Fee by Isaac Walker. From the bottom, my favorite stories are Kristina Wright’s In the Stack, Sara DeMuci’s Time for a Spanking, Cecilia Tan’s Halloween and Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Pins and Needles. The 60 stories touch on many fantasies office relationships, public encounters, spanking, humiliation, bondage, and so many more.



  1. OMG! I love this book…. Absolutely and completely I’m 17 and a friend loaned it to me at school I was super amazed!

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