Posted by: Jennifer | September 19, 2007

The Italian Single Dad – Jennie Adams

Adams, Jennie. The Italian Single Dad. (New York: Harlequin, 2007), 9780373039777. Harlequin Romance, September 2007, #3977.

Main Characters:Arabella Gable and Luchino Montichelli

Description from book:

An Italian single father, a motherless child . . .

Bella Gable never wanted to see rich, handsome Luchino Montichelli ever again! They had a brief romance in Italy when she was young and naive, but when Bella discovered Luc had betrayed her, it broke her heart.

Her first love, their chance for happiness . . .

Now, years on, Luc has come to Australia with his young daughter in tow. This Luc, who looks at his daughter with such tenderness, seems like the man Bella once fell in love with. But can she trust him enough to take another chance on this Italian single day?

My Thoughts:

As a model, a young Bella Gable fell in love with Luc while on a trip to Italy. However, Luc was married. After a confrontation with his wife, Bella fled from Luc. When Luc went to explain after one of Bella’s show, he overheard Bella having a struggle with her show manager. Luc believed that Bella had already found another man. Years later, Luc and his daughter, Grace, moved to Australia – partly to be close to an estranged aunt. Luc discovers that his aunt has invested heavily in Bella’s struggling design business. He knows that his aunt is financially overextended – and decides to make Bella sell her designs early by being seen about town on his own arm. While spending so much time together, their earlier romantic feelings are rekindled. Eventually, Luc and Bella do find their way back to each other. While I did enjoy this book, my reactions to both Luc and Bella were somewhat lukewarm. Luc’s daughter, Grace was the scene stealer.


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