Posted by: Jennifer | September 17, 2007

X-Files – The Truth

Tonight, the first hour of the X-File series finale, The Truth, was on. I think this is only the third or fourth time that I have seen it (well, half of it anyway) since it originally aired. The X-Files was one of my favorite shows. While not a fan of anything other-worldly or paranormal, I did manage to get myself caught up in the Mulder/Scully relationship – and in the alien vs. government conspiracy.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Truth despite the fact that it heralded the end of the X-Files. I thought that Mulder’s trial was a clever way to revisit moments from the nine years that the show aired. I loved watching Mulder and Scully together, especially since their relationship was so much different and so much more than it had been prior to William’s conception (although don’t get me started on William and his adoption – while I do understand why William had to be up for adoption, I can’t EVER watch that episode again).

I can’t wait to see the second part tomorrow evening!


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