Posted by: Jennifer | September 14, 2007

Reading for the Weekend

Although I probably didn’t need to buy some things to read over the weekend, I couldn’t help myself. I’m in the middle of Stephanie Laurens’ The Taste of Innocence, but I plan to finish it tonight. Normally (or almost always), I buy Stephanie Laurens’ new books as soon as they come out. For some bizarre reason (probably because my brain was not working well during the spring of 2007), I completely missed the release of The Taste of Innocence. I actually remember seeing this in bookstores, but assuming that I already owned it. It wasn’t until after I read Laurens’ Beyond Seduction that I realized that I hadn’t read The Taste of Innocence. I, of course, went online immediately to order it through Amazon.

Anyway, for the rest of the weekend, I just bought several of the ebooks that I wanted from Loose Id: Doreen DeSalvo’s Once a Thief and Still a Thief, Vonna Harper’s Fantasy’s Fear, Alicia Sparks’ One Hot Summer, Isabella Snow’s The Claiming of Kitten (I’ve already read the followup Kitten’s Reward), Lena Matthew’s For Love’s Sake Only, Melinda Barron’s The Captive One and Sedonia Guillone’s Taming Kate. Now, I have to remember to remove them from my Books I Want page!

Happy Reading!


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