Posted by: Jennifer | September 13, 2007

Sins and Secrets – P.F. Kozak

Sins and Secrets - P.F. KozakKozak, P.F. Sins and Secrets. (New York: Aphrodisia, 2006), 0758214189.

Main Characters:

Peter Rennard, Pamela Kingston

Description from book:

Set in Victorial London, a unique choose-your-own sexual adventure from the author of Passion. Go as far as you dare . . . what happens is up to you . . .

In the London of the 1880s, genteel young women are strictly governed and taught to obey withoug question. But not Pamela Kingston. Her guardian – the handsome and masterful Peter Rennard – indulges her every whim. When Pamela confides her most intimate fantasies to him, he promises to initiate her into a hidden world of desire . . . and teach her the infinite pleasure of pure sin . . .

My thoughts:

In this book set in Victorial London, Pamela Kingston is an unusual young woman who is just returning home from university – with an armful of erotica literature and a hankering for her guardian. Peter Rennard, meanwhile, is having difficulty dealing with the fact that his ward is returning to his home. He is attracted to her and doubts his ability to keeps his hands off of her when she is in such close contact to him. Of course, Pamela has an agenda of her own – and Peter doesn’t have a chance.

This is the first book that I have read by P.F. Kozak. I don’t know if she usually allows readers to choose how they want the sexual adventures to unfold. At several junctures in this book, the reader gets to choose whether, for example, “Nellie is dominant, continue reading” or “Peter is dominate, turn to page 11.” Had I known this about the book, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I have a problem with this type of book – not because I think this makes a book bad, but because I am unable to actually choose. I end up reading the entire book including all scenarios, get a bit distracted and out of sorts and don’t enjoy the book as much as I could have.

Pamela and Peter were intriguing characters, and I liked the overall plot. However, I had problems with quite a bit of the storyline. There are undoubtedly many sins taking place (although I’m not entirely sure what the secrets were) throughout the book. Lucy and Jack, part of the household staff, and Nellie, the proprieter of Peter’s favorite brothel all take part in the various sexual hijinks – some of which didn’t really add too much to the plot. I didn’t find the f/f/m scenes titilating or necessary. I liked the relationship between Peter and Pamela and wished that more of the book had focused on the development of their relationship.

One other odd thing was Pamela’s obsession with marriage laws. She is adamant that she won’t marry because she does not want control of her fortune to transfer to her husband. While I am in complete agreement about her thoughts on the issue, it didn’t add anything. In fact, it only provided a thin reason for Pamela to stall her marriage to Peter – for how long, I’m not even sure because by the end of the book, I was not paying too much attention. I had such high hopes for Peter and Pam, but was a bit disappointed in their relationship overall.

First read on September 13, 2007



  1. My response to this book is I luv this book. I borrowed it from a friend and really did not want to give it back. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Once you pick it up to read, you will not want to put it down. Oh, and Ladies – when you read this, be prepaired to feel Hot; extremely Hot.

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