Posted by: Jennifer | September 13, 2007

Burn Notice

I have to say this new USA series has sucked me right in. It has the spy theme going, several interesting characters and a great hero/heroine romance-thing going for it. Admittedly, Jeffrey Donovan, who plays the lead role of burned spy Michael Weston, is a wee bit wooden. My reaction to his acting the first time that I watched an episode was fairly negative. I’m not entirely sure why I watched a second episode – ok, maybe it was because Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona and Bruce Campbell as Sam were great in their roles. Sharon Gless is excellent as Michael’s needy mother. Anyway, I was able to overlook the sometimes strange and mechanical mannerisms that sometimes come from Donovan – and now I’m used to him and his character.

Anyway, I’m excited because Burn Notice is back on tonight after being bumped by the U.S. Open Tennis for the past couple of weeks. Of course, tonight’s episode is the second to last of the season. I’m hoping the show is back next year. Also, I missed the pilot episode, but DVR’d it during today’s marathon – which, by the way, made me want to take the day off from work. So, I have that to look forward to when I finally make it home late this afternoon. So much tv goodness!!!


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