Posted by: Jennifer | September 12, 2007

For Her Pleasure – Maya Banks

For Her Pleasure - Maya BanksBanks, Maya. For Her Pleasure. (New York: Berkley Trade, 2007) 978-0425217498.

Anthology of three stories: What She Wants, What She Needs and What She Craves.

What She Wants
Main Characters:
Kit Townsend and Travis “Mac” McKenzie (and Ryder Sinclair)

Description from book:

Kit Townsend wants Travis “Mac” McKenzie and Ryder Sinclair in her bed, their hands on her body. They’re the only two people she trusts in the world, and better, they share her negative view of relationships and messy emotional entanglements. But Mac wants more from Kit than easy sex and a hot threesome. After an attack on Kit leaves her shaken and afraid, Mac knows he can’t wait any longer to claim his fiery rebel. Convincing her that he can be trusted with her heart while protecting her from her attacker may just be the biggest challenge of his life.

What She Needs
Main Characters: Kit Townsend and Ryder Sinclair (and Travis “Mac” McKenzie)
Description from the book:

Ryder realizes his feelings for Kit run a lot deeper than he thought, but he’s unwilling to come between her and Mac. He loves her. He wants her. He aches for her. But he’s prepared to step back no matter how hard it is to let Kit go. Until a shocking revelation makes it impossible for him to walk away.

What She Craves
Main Characters:
Mia Nichols and Jack Kincaid
Description from the book:

Mia Nichols has loved Texas Ranger Jack Kincaid forever, but he’s kept her at a distance. One night she seduces him, and he gives in to the temptation that has haunted him for so long. The next morning, however, he disappears, leaving her to wonder if he’s alive or dead.

Two years later, he bursts into the club where she’s stripping, determined to haul her back to Dallas. But Mia is caught in a dangerous situation, and it will take everything Jack has to save her—and gain her forgiveness.

My Thoughts:
This book is a bit different than an average anthology. Although there are three separate stories, they are quite intwined – especially the first two What She Wants and What She Needs. In fact these two stories are so entwined that I have to wonder a bit about why they are two separate stories. Basically, Kit lusts after her two best friends. Mac is tired of all of the flirting and teasing, especially in light of the fact that Kit was raped several months prior to the start of the story. Mac tell Ryder – with whom he has a history of sharing women – that he isn’t waiting for Kit any longer. So, in the first story, Mac, Ryder and Kit come together in a menage relationship while trying to protect Kit from the attacker who is now stalking her. Despite the menage relationship, Kit falls in love with Mac – and we are left to believe that Kit doesn’t feel as strongly towards Ryder (unless of course, one has read the blurb for the second story).

In the second story, Kit and Mac have an established relationship. Although Ryder still joins in for some action, he is hurt by the relationship between his two best friends. He tries to pull away, but is never very successful. Kit misses Ryder, and tries (successfully in most cases) to get Ryder to return to her and Mac’s bed. Of course, as Ryder is around less, Kit realizes that she doesn’t want to live without Ryder – or without Mac either. Drawn together by tragic events, the three are able to understand and come to grips with their need to be together as a threesome.

My biggest problem here is that I didn’t believe that Kit’s feelings for Ryder developed any later than her feelings for Mac. There are two stories, I believe, because in one the author gives Mac’s perspective and in the other gives Ryder’s. While the three of them were bonding menage-style in the first story, all of their love for each other was fairly plain. What I did like about the second story was the struggle (mostly on Ryder’s part) to accept that the nature of their relationship was ok. Mac and Kit seemed to accept this readily – despite the fact that they didn’t truly understand it until the second story. Realistically, I felt as if this was one storyline.

In the third story, Mia Nichols and the newly returned Jack Kincaid must defeat a group of men who sell women into slavery. Jack Kincaid had acted as Mia’s guardin once upon a time – at least until Mia decided to seduce him. Unfortunately, Jack, who works for the Texas Rangers, was called away from the bed he had shared with Mia to go undercover. He simply walks out the door and doesn’t return for two years. The author introduced Mia as a friend of Ryder’s in the second story. In fact, Ryder brought Mia to Kit and Mac’s engagement party, much to Kit’s disappointment. Ryder, Mac and Kit do make an appearance in this story before they are scheduled to leave the small town in which they grew up.

I loved the opening to this story – where Mia walks naked into Jack’s bedroom and has her way with him. Although I enjoyed the rest of the story, it seemed a bit hurried. I think the story line could have been stronger if it had been longer. I wanted to spend more time with Jack and Mia. I wanted Jack to make good on his promise to be the one in control. This happens somewhat while Mia is being held by the slavers, but it is quick. I wasn’t able to forget that there was significant danger around them.

Overall, I enjoyed For Her Pleasure. There were definitely some issues that took away from the reading experience. I would recommend it to others who have enjoyed some of Maya Banks other works. However, I didn’t enjoy this as much as Brazen, Understood, Overheard or Colters’ Woman

Read on September 11, 2007.


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