Posted by: Jennifer | March 18, 2007

The Rawhide Man – Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer. The Rawhide Man. (New York: Mira, 1984). 1551660091.

Main Characters: Jude Langston and Elizabeth Miriam White.

Description from book:

He wanted his fair share . . .

He didn’t want her, he didn’t even like her, but he wanted her oil shares and there was only one way to get them. Take her to the altar.

She needed a way out . . .

She knew she could run, even hide, but there was more to consider than just herself.

The were bound by an agreement . . .

She was afraid. Not for the reasons he thought. She wanted him . . . badly. But she knew that to admit her weakness would be fatal

My Thoughts:

Jude Langston simply takes over Beth’s life. In fact, he carries her out of her house in Georgia and transports her to Texas. Once there, she can’t say no to marrying Jude – mostly for the sake of his daughter Katy. Jude and Beth battle hard for quite some time before giving in to their love for one another. Another of my favorite books.

Read again: March 18, 2007.



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