Posted by: Jennifer | March 18, 2007

Night of Love – Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer. Night of Love. (New York: Silhouette Books, 1993). 0373057997. Silhouette Desire #799 – August 1993.

Main Characters:Steven Ryker and Meg Shannon.

Related Works: Brianna and Ahmed appear in the book. Their story is told in King’s Ransom (Silhouette Romance #971). Secret agent Lang Patton also appears in this story. His story with ex-fiancee Kirry Campbell is Secret Agent Man (Silhouette Desire #829)

Description from book:

Mr. August

The Man: Steven Ryker, strong-willed, determined . . . dangerous to love!

The Myth: That this tough guy didn’t give a thought to any woman.

The Legend: He was a man no female could resist, with a heart no woman could claim.

The Awful Truth: Meg Shannon was in town — and Steven was in trouble!

Once Steven had given sweet Meg his love, but she’d thrown it all away for a life that excluded him. Well, he didn’t care that she was back in town; he’d learned his lesson the hard way. This bachelor wasn’t going to get burned again, no matter what Meg said about “circumstances beyond our control.” His control was doing just fine, and she could forget all about rekindling their flame . . .

My Thoughts:

Cute story! I love almost all of Diana Palmer’s books – and read them over and over again. It has been an awful long time since I read this one. The added international intrigue with Ahmed adds a new twist to the traditional boy/girl romance.

Read again: March 18, 2007.


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