Posted by: Jennifer | February 11, 2007

Rules of Seduction – Madeline Hunter

Madeline Hunter. Rules of Seduction. (New York: Dell, 2006). 0553587323.

Main Characters: Lord Hayden Rothwell and Alexia Welbourne.

Description from the book:

Dangerous. Sensual. Handsome as sin. Meet Hayden Rothwell, the shamelessly erotic hero of The Rules of Seduction and author Madeline Hunter’s most irresistible alpha male yet: a man of extraordinary passion and power, a man who can bring out the seductress in any woman . . .

He enters her home without warning or invitation–a stranger of shadowy motives and commanding sensuality. Within hours, Alexia Wellbourne is penniless, without any hope of marriage. Until Hayden Rothwell takes her to bed. When one impulsive act of passion forces Alexia to marry the very man who has ruined her, Hayden’s seduction of Alexia is nearly complete. What Alexia doesn’t know is that her irresistible new husband is driven by a secret purpose–and a debt of honr he will risk everything to repay. Alexia is the wild card. Reluctant to give up their nightly pleasures, Hayden must find a way to keep Alexia by his side . . . only to be utterly, thoroughly seduced by a woman who is now plaing by her own rules.

My Thoughts:

I thought this was a good book. I truly enjoyed both Alexia and Hayden. Hayden’s brother Easterbrook was quite eccentric. I laughed at some of his antics – and couldn’t help but smile when he let his Aunt Hen and cousin Caroline move into his house. The Longworths (Alexia’s cousins) were extremely tedious. Her beloved Ben and his brother Timothy were scumbags – and I wish that Hayden would have had them arrested rather than let them leave England (with other people’s money).

Read first: February 11, 2007.


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