Posted by: Jennifer | February 11, 2007

Alias – Season 4

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with season 4. There are some awesome episodes, but the whole Elena Derevko/big mueller device/tainted drinking water/Sovogda thing drives me bonkers. I also find the fact that Sydney, Jack, Vaughn, Dixon and Sloane (and later Marshall, Weiss and Nadia) are recruited to work for a black ops division of the CIA to be a bit of a let down. Sydney quits the CIA after some elaborate op gone wrong. Vaughn quits in the aftermath of his emotional turmoil over his marriage to Lauren Reid. They are all back to lying to everyone about their work. This really bothers me because of comments that Kendall made to Sydney back in Season 1 about her actually believing that she worked for a black ops division of the CIA when she was detained because of her relation to the prophecy. He asked if she thought it was strange that she hadn’t ever been to Langley, if I remember. He also gave the impression that black ops divisions didn’t really exist. I find it ANNOYING that now they do exist. I love the relationship developing between Weiss and Nadia.

My Favorite Episodes:

  • Welcome to Liberty Village – I love Sydney and Vaughn trying to portray a married couple – and that people think they are cold. Vaughn’s story about how he proposed was wonderful. Of course, they way that they “won” the convertible away from the other couple was even better.
  • The Orphan– I really enjoyed the background information on Nadia and how she came to be the person we saw at APO. Of course, the parallels between Nadia’s relationship with Roberto (Jose Zuniga) and Sydney’s with Sloane are many. Of course, this is where we first meet Sofia Vargas (Sonia Braga) who is SO evil. I find it so hard to watch these episodes knowing exactly what she is up to.
  • Tuesday– I hate the fact the Sydney is buried alive in the episode. I find it very difficult to watch. However, Marshall playing the hero is wonderful, and I love his scenes in this episode. I love watching him run around the cemetery trying to find Sydney. It, of course, gets better when Jack tries to talk Marshall through removing Ulrich’s eyes. Go Marshall!!
  • Mirage – Jack’s radiation illness is discovered when Jack fails to show up for work. Sydney and Vaughn find Jack, but he is clearly disoriented and in failing health. The scene in which APO tries to get information from Jack about Dr. Liddell (Michael McKean) is wonderful. The team tries to make Jack believe that it is the early 1980s so that he can tell them where he hid Dr. Liddell. Watching Jack with whom he believed to be Laura (Irina) was very telling. I love when we see the softer side of Jack.
  • The Awful Truth – In this episode, Weiss finds out the Sydney (and Vaughn) still works for the CIA. I love the scene where Bishop puts Sydney and Weiss together. The look on Weiss’ face is classic. Weiss gets into APO – finally!!!! I always miss Weiss when he isn’t around.

My Pet Peeves

I pretty much find the rest of the season irritating. We find out that Elena Derevko has been working on this giant mueller device for five years. She kidnapped her sister Irina and tortured her until she agreed to help manufacture the device. She was behind the Covenant. She is obsessed with Rambaldi and wants to wipe out most of the population on the planet. Why??? I don’t really get it. Sloane used his position with Omnifam to contaminate a major portion of the world’s drinking water – making Elena’s evil plan possible.

Irina appears to be genuine about stopping Elena. Ok, maybe Irina wasn’t keen on wiping out the world. However, her subsequent actions in Season 5, create serious doubt about the legitimacy of all of her seemingly genuine efforts to help. Over and over again this season, Jack states that Irina would not hurt Sydney (while he questions his actions in killing Irina – who was really a double). Again, this comes into question at the end of Season 5. I hate the way the show leads you to think of Irina as a terrorist, then a loving mother, then a terrorist again. ARGH!




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