Posted by: Jennifer | January 30, 2007

Honor’s Splendour – Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood. Honor’s Splendour. (New York: Pocket Books, 1987). 0671729527.

Main Characters: Madelyne and Baron Duncan of Wexton.

Description from book:

In the feuding English court, gentle Lady Madelyne suffered the cruel whims of her ruthless brother, Baron Louddon. Then, in vengeance for a bitter crime, Baron Duncan of Wexton–the wolf–unleashed his warriors against Louddon’s domain. Exquisite Madelyne was the prize he captured. . . but when he gazed upon the proud beauty, he pledged to protect true to his honor. But when at last their noble passion conquered them both, she surrendered with all her soul. Now, for love, Madelyne would stand fast . . . as bravely as her Lord, the powerful Wolf who fought for . . . Honor’s Splendour. 

My Thoughts:

This is another one of my favorite Julie Garwood novels -despite the fact that the Medieval period is one I often enjoy reading about. I love the scene where Madelyne tries to save Duncan from being frozen to death by her brother, Louddon – especially when she warms Duncan’s feet against her stomach.   

Read again: January 27, 2007.


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