Posted by: Jennifer | January 25, 2007

Come the Spring – Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood. Come the Spring. (New York: Pocket Books, 1997) 0671003348.

Main Characters: Cole Clayborne and Jessica Summers; Daniel Ryan and Grace Winthrop.

Related Works: One Red Rose, One White Rose, One Pink Rose (sometimes bundled together as The Clayborne Brides) and For the Roses.

Description from book:

Cole Clayborne had always walked a dark path and flirted with a life of crime. While his three brothers chose to settle into married life, Cole rebelliously refused to be tied down. Now, and elusive stranger draws him into a shadowy chase that will bring unexpected turns to his uncertain future–and may determine which side of the law the restless Cole favors.

A tragic, heartbreaking loss drives U.S. Marshal Daniel Ryan on a quest for vengeance–and leads him to a beautiful young woman, who may be the sole witness to a terrible crime. But the lawman finds that love is the greatest trial of all as he unwittingly draws her into the line of fire. The power and drama of their blossoming passion, entwined with the surprising destiny of the wayward Cole, make COME THE SPRING a superbly entertaining adventure inside the heart of a “family whose love and loyalty will truly inspire” (Romantic Times).

My Thoughts:

While this book pales in comparison to For the Roses, I did enjoy it. Although it is a full length novel, there isn’t ads much development in the relationships between the main characters as there is in Garwood’s other books. Of course this might be due to the rather complex back story of the Blackwater gang of bank robbers and the fact that there are two romantic story lines (between Cole and Jessica and between Daniel and Grace). Overall, this book was nice ending to the Clayborne series. The epilogue of this book features Mama Rose, her four sons and one daughter. It is so nice to see that the family has not lost its closeness despite all of their familial additions.

Read again: January 25, 2007.


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