Posted by: Jennifer | January 23, 2007

The Class – January 23, 2007

The Class – The Class Has To Go To A Stupid Museum – aired on January 23, 2007. 

When this show started in September, I really only watched it because it was on between How I Met Your Mother and Three and a Half Men. However, it has really, really sucked me in – mostly because of Richie Velch (played by Jesse Taylor Ferguson). Last night’s episode was absolutely hysterical. Richie, while at dinner with Lina Warbler (played by Heather Goldenrush)and Nicole Campbell Allen (played by Andrea Anders), had me in stitches. Richie’s commentary on having been given a “secret and an assignment” made me laugh out loud. Then a bit later on, he asked Duncan Carmello (played by Jon Bernthal) if he had tapped that – referring to Duncan’s date the previous evening. Too funny!!!! Combine his lines with his facial expressions (including when he wiped his brow with his napkin) and he becomes the star of the show. I am somewhat sad that Fern isn’t a regular – but am not really sad that Holly is gone. Anyway, Richie Velch rocks!!!!!!!!!


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