Posted by: Jennifer | January 20, 2007

Alias – Season 3

On January 14, I started watching season 3 of Alias on DVD. I just finished watching the last episode tonight. Honestly, although I purchased this as soon as it was available for order via Amazon, I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that I have taken the time to watch season 3 from the beginning. It wasn’t my favorite season – mostly because of Vaughn’s marriage to Lauren Reed. The fact that Sydney disappears for two years was so hard for me to accept. I absolutely hate the ending of Season 2. I did find it a bit easier to digest once Kendall explains the missing time in Full Disclosure (episode 11). I liked the fact the Eric Weiss seemed to have some significant screen time this season. It was also awesome to watch Jack and Vaughn bonding over having been married to enemy agents.

My Favorite Episodes (in no particular order):

  • Resurrection – Sydney and Vaughn get back together. Lauren Reed dies. Katya reveals herself to be working with the Covenant. This has to be my favorite of season 3.
  • Remnants – Sydney and Will are reunited. They finally kill Alison Dorren. They have a romantic liaison – and it seems as if Will comes to grips with his life in the witness protection program.
  • Full Disclosure – We finally find out what happened to Sydney during those missing two years. I was definitely caught off guard by Kendalls’s disclosures and the fact that Sydney had been working with him. I was relieved to finally have the whole story.
  • Crossings – We first meet Katya Derevko – who is a wonderfully bizarre character. Her fascination with Jack is incredibly amusing. My favorite scene from this episode is when Sydney tells Vaughn that she slept with Will – and he replies that he doesn’t know what to do with that. I also love the fact that when facing death, Sydney and Vaughn can’t ignore their feelings for each other.

Favorite moments:

  • The relationship that develops between Sydney and Weiss during the first few episodes of the season. It was awesome when Weiss bought a 3rd edition of Alison in Wonderland for Sydney who had lost all of her possessions when her house was burned down.
  • In The Nemesis (episode 6), Vaughn discusses his conflicted feelings about having to lie to his wife about the fact that Sydney killed Andrian Lazerey with Weiss while they play hockey. Weiss – being Weiss – tries to make Vaughn feel better by telling him that CIA agents and NSC agents shouldn’t marry. Weiss says “Don’t poop where you sleep.”
  • In Unveiled (episode 18), Marshall works to help Sydney and Vaughn get to Cypher – who created a computer worm for the Covenant. Marshall praises Cypher’s hacking abilities. But, he doesn’t want them to worry because he himself has a reputation among hackers and is known as “Black Kitten.”
  • In Resurrection (episode 22), Katya Derevko shows up while Sydney is going after Lauren. Katya attempts to shoot Sydney – who of course removed the clip from Katya’s gun (wouldn’t she have noticed???). “How did you know?” asks Katya. “I didn’t.” replied Sydney.

Pet Peeves

  • The whole Passenger/Prophecy thing. What does any of it really mean?? Nadia and Sydney are supposed to fight each other until one of them dies (or something like that). I know they do fight at the end of next season – but the world doesn’t end nor does one of them die.
  • Both Nadia and Sydney are supposed to be central to Rambaldi’s vision/prophecy/end game. However, neither one of them really seem to be. I suppose I really have to admit that even though I love Alias, I don’t get the whole Rambaldi thing. All of this just for immortality or is there supposed to be more?
  • Lauren is a huge pet peeve. I hated the whole story line – and was very happy when she met her end in Resurrection.
  • The end of the season – not nearly as earth shattering as either ending from season 1 or 2. At the beginning of season 4 when we find out about the information on the paper, it was a HUGE letdown. This of course is especially true after having seen the fifth season.


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  2. Meh, I liked the first half (probably up to “Crossings”), but I think Alias really started to get lost in its mythology in this third season. Sort of like Lost now.

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