Posted by: Jennifer | January 9, 2007

The Best Is Yet To Come – Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer. The Best Is Yet To Come (New York: Silhouette, 1991). Silhouette Desire #643. 0373056435.

Main Characters:Ivy McKenzie and Ryder Calaway.

Description from the book:

The second time around . . .

As a young secretary, Ivy McKenzie fell hopeless in love with tycoon Ryder Calaway. But the searing passion that sizzled between them–and Ryder’s cool rejection–sent innocent Ivy running. Now, five years later, Ivy discovered that Ryder’s magnetic virility was still as daunting–and harder than ever to evade.

Jet-setter Ryder had always gotten what he wanted–except for Ivy. For years, he’d waited for her, longed for her. Now she was free, and Ryder’s patience was at an end. This time, he vowed to make her irrevocably his. Given this precious second chance, could he convince sweet Ivy that the best was yet to come?

Read again: January 6, 2007.



  1. […] for a romance with best friend’s older brother – of which Diana Palmer has written several – The Best is Yet to Come, Darling Enemy, Heart of Ice, and others (as well as a romance with the guardian). So, I was […]

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