Posted by: Jennifer | January 4, 2007

September Morning – Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer. September Morning (New York: Silhouette, 1982) 037330112x.

Main Characters: Kathryn Mary Kilpatrick and Blake Hamilton.

Description from book:

All’s Fair in Love and . . .

Only one thing stood between Kate Kilpatrick and the man she loved–the man she loved. Blake Hamilton swore he’d never walk down the aisle, unless it was in the other direction. Changing the ways of this arrogant lady-killer wouldn’t be easy. Especially when he insisted on fighting their lifelong battle of wills as fiercely as ever.

To win his stubborn heart, Kate was willing to fight back. The time, the confirmed bachelor had to prepare himself for a grown-up Kate who’d challenge him at this own passionate game . . .

My Thoughts:

Diana Palmer is one of my all-time favorite authors. I have almost every book that she has written – and have read them all many, many times. But, I think I have read September Morning more than any other book I own – along with Champagne Girl, Calhoun, Now and Forever and Man of Ice. I love the relationship between Blake and Kate – although the addition of Vivian Leeds to cause trouble between the lead characters irritates me a bit. I understand the need to put obstacles in the path of the love story. However, Vivian is wicked annoying.

 Read again: January 4, 2007, March 18, 2007.



  1. […] affair with Ms. Palmer’s works. I fondly remember reading Champagne Girl (which ties with September Morning and Calhoun for my favorite), Unlikely Lover, Calhoun, The Rawhide Man and Tender Stranger during […]

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